Today’s working environment is increasingly dominated by the use of mobile and social media, raising important implications for corporate data management. Mobile media is firmly integrated into our everyday activities, enabling convergence between our working lives and personal social media. The rise of enterprise social networking sites such as Jive, SharePoint and Yammer has contributed to the growth of corporate data volumes by 40 percent annually as organisations move an increasing number of tasks and content over to these collaborative platforms.

Banking companies have been swift to adopt enterprise social messaging. Deutsche Bank, for example, the German global investment bank, which employs nearly 100,000 staff across more than 70 countries, began using its Jive-based platform in 2009 to encourage collaboration among its employees worldwide.

The benefits of enterprise social networking for large organisations such as banks are clear. The challenge is to manage these platforms effectively. Compliance with the strict rules and regulations that surround banking is a key issue when working with new technology.

When a company finds itself subject to litigation or a regulatory investigation, it will need to search the entirety of its data sources for potentially relevant documents and data, including data held in enterprise social networking sites. In these circumstances, forward planning and process driven e-disclosure expertise are essential in order to ensure effective response.

Know your obligations

The broad definition of ‘document’ in the Civil Procedure Rules continues to expand as modern means of communication evolve and new tools gain popularity. In litigation and regulatory investigations, the importance of this information is undeniable. Indeed, the judiciary recognises that, “e-mails, texts, Twitter postings and the like are often the most revealing and reliable contemporaneous evidence of what someone said or thought at a particular time ... Memories are notoriously false and self-serving for any fact-finding judge”.

Oct-Dec 2015 Issue

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