After closing the books on a record year for data breaches, preventing and managing security incidents will be two of the highest priorities facing businesses in 2015. Consumers and regulators alike are demanding more communication and remedies from businesses after a data breach occurs. As a result, security and risk executives need to demonstrate the need to be prepared for a data breach the same way companies would plan to face a natural disaster or other major business risk.

To complicate the process, the nature of new technology and proliferation of big data means the threat landscape is continually changing. Risk and compliance professionals on the data breach front lines now have the attention of their company’s board members and colleagues in the C-suite but may be struggling to prioritise their security agendas for the coming year.

To help, below is a list of the main security priorities businesses should have top of mind going into 2015. We expect a few ongoing data security issues to carry over from 2014 in addition to several new trends on the horizon. New risk considerations are driven by factors including implementation of Chip and PIN payment technology, continued rapid expansion of data storage in the cloud and a new breach surface introduced by the Internet of Things (IoT). Ultimately, we expect to see the five data breach priorities facing businesses in the coming months.

Jan-Mar 2015 Issue

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