RC: Protecting consumer information remains a hot topic in the US. Could you outline in broad terms the role the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is playing in this area?

Ingis: In recent years, rapid growth and innovation in the data-driven economy has unlocked tremendous benefits to consumers and businesses. From advertising to aviation, telecommunications to transportation, and everywhere in between, consumers are witnessing and experiencing revolutionary advances in data-driven solutions and technology that boost their quality of life. An important part of what has helped drive this success has been policymakers’ support of successful industry self-regulation that promotes and enforces best practices, backed up by existing, sectoral laws that combat concrete harms. The FTC has an important role to play in this area by encouraging industry to continue to innovate for the benefit of consumers. The Commission’s workshops, staff reports and published guidance should reflect the goal of maximising the benefits of innovation and economic growth, the Commission should keep working with industry to ensure that the benefits of data driven innovation continue to inure to consumers.

Oct-Dec 2014 Issue

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