APR-JUN 2017 Issue

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The reputation and compliance dynamic

The complexities of de-risking

Managing FCPA risks in emerging market M&A deals

M&A due diligence: what have we learned after a decade of active FCPA enforcement?

A strategist’s data security considerations for merger and acquisition due diligence

Mitigating and managing corporate fraud in the Asia Pacific market

Corruption challenges index

Subsidiary governance: the elephant in the room

The lawyer as gatekeeper

Why third-party risk analysis is now a necessity at all levels

Self-reporting in Brazil: where are we now?

Credit risk and political risk in the new world

US economic sanctions laws – opportunities and compliance challenges

The emergence of AI RegTech solutions for aml and sanctions compliance

Managing risks through ethics, integrity and compliance

Sanity check your enterprise risk management

Best practices for operational risk management

Boardrooms face challenges in new era of globalism

Employee voice as a key compliance tool

Digital disruption – the effect of technology on growing enterprises

Risk and security – digital identity and access

Data protection and cyber security: lessons to learn from TalkTalk

Cyber security: not just for clients

US-EU data transfers: the fragile framework of the Privacy Shield?

Electronic information management

The future of financial services regulation

Outlook for banking regulation in 2017

Is RegTech poised to disrupt the regulatory compliance environment?

Blockchain buzzkill: a closer look at distributed ledger technology

A US payment rules primer for the compliance-minded merchant

Preparing for CECL

One step closer: an update on partnership audit reform in the United States

Developing a strong shareholder engagement plan


Accenture Security

Alvarez & Marsal

Baker & McKenzie LLP

FTI Consulting

Innisfree M&A Incorporated


NAVEX Global


Zurich Global Corporate

ICSA: The Governance Institute

The Institute of Operational Risk (IOR)

The University of Virginia

The WomenCorporateDirectors Education and Development Foundation, Inc.