RC: Why is it important for companies to understand the growing importance of Big Data and analytics? What are the main factors driving the adoption of these processes?

Gilden: Big Data analytics are going to be increasingly incorporated into every type of business, whether for marketing, advertising, increasing productivity, driving business intelligence, security or consumer product offerings. The ability to harness and analyse data will increasingly become a differentiator across industry verticals. Big Data, as a business imperative, is driving companies to put in place better processes and technologies for collecting, storing and analysing data. Analytics will be the bedrock of the modern enterprise and applied to nearly every business challenge where quantitative data can be easily collected, stored and analysed. Big Data analytics as a competitive differentiator is driving adoption across enterprises.

Miessler: Big Data and analytics has everyone’s attention because it offers the promise of significant and continuous business optimisation. There are thousands of potential optimisations to be made in any process, but humans are especially ill-equipped to identify and present these opportunities to businesses. Companies that implement Big Data and analytics can integrate these discoveries and optimisations into their standard operating procedures, allowing the business to function more efficiently as conditions change. This leads to reduced costs, maximising of opportunity and generally superior performance.

Oct-Dec 2016 Issue

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