The concept of customer experience (CX) is a broad one and can take a number of different forms, from research, to design, to operational execution, to ongoing innovation. Regardless of which area you associate with, it is no secret that customer experience is the new currency for business, and if you do not believe this, just do a quick internet search. You will find thousands of studies that convey the importance of CX, correlating it to customer retention, financial performance, positive customer reviews, employee engagement and more. Given our current environment, it is understandable that organisations feel a bit overwhelmed with all of the information available through external studies and through their own internal systems. In many instances, the sheer volume of data can lead to a kind of institutional paralysis. As a result, within the last few years especially, many businesses within the travel and hospitality industry have started to aggressively utilise a variety of CX data sources to proactively shape their CX across channels, arming their operators with targeted insights and actionable recommendations which are specific to their area of the business.

Oct-Dec 2018 Issue

Deloitte & Touche LLP