RC: Could you provide an overview of the main issues businesses are facing in this age of digital transformation?

Brown: Digital transformation is redefining how today’s organisations grow, compete and thrive in a global economy. Digital technologies such as the cloud, Software as a Service (SaaS), data and analytics, robotic process automation (RPA) and cognitive computing are changing business models and long-term corporate strategies as organisations seek to gain a true and realistic understanding of how digitisation impacts their businesses. This includes the potential of digital innovations to increase revenue, lower costs and enhance the customer experience. Equally important is the need to develop timeframes for adopting new technologies, addressing internal skills gaps, and supporting initiatives for change management, especially those involving digital labour. Other items on the agenda for digital transformation should include enhancing governance and risk management capabilities to support and coordinate disparate efforts across the organisation, assessing true benefits and adjusting investments accordingly. Third-party service offerings for digital transformation should be tightly integrated and avoid a fragmented approach.

Jan-Mar 2017 Issue