R&C: What attracted you to the industry?

Moosmayer: Since I was a young lawyer, my main interest was criminal law, especially white-collar crime. When the bribery scandal broke out at Siemens at the end of 2006, I was a member of our internal taskforce and in 2007, when new the company’s Compliance Organisation was developed, I became the compliance operating officer. I was responsible for overseeing all legal and regulatory compliance issues during the hot phase of our internal clean-up, and I was also responsible for completing the new design and implementation of our compliance policies and controls. This was a unique experience, extremely challenging but also rewarding because we mastered the turnaround and achieved settlements in the US and Germany, and could therefore retains Siemens’ licence to do business. Equally attractive – and challenging – is the ‘post crisis’ compliance work I oversee now as the chief compliance officer. I am required to develop compliance, taking it to the next level from a pure ‘fire fighter’ role to being a respected assurance provider, working together with management to create a culture of integrity. Fire fighting is, of course, still part of the work; this will never change in a huge organisation.

Jul-Sep 2016 Issue