R&C: What attracted you originally to the oil & gas industry?

Martin: I first became familiar with the oil & gas industry through my father, who had a very successful 36 year career with Shell Oil Company as a manager and senior executive in the marketing and refining side of Shell’s global oil & gas business. As a teenager and young adult, there were certain characteristics of the global oil & gas business that were fascinating to me. First, the business is global in nature and involves many large long-lived projects that are very costly and risky to develop. Second, the industry relies very heavily on advanced technology which is always rapidly and continuously evolving. Third, there are so many complex and interesting related areas of the oil & gas business – for example, exploration and production, LNG, midstream, marketing and refining, supply and transportation, and chemicals. Fourth, the oil & gas business is highly competitive and innovative. Fifth, there are many interesting geopolitical challenges related to the business. Sixth, since there is a close link between energy use and economic progress, the production and delivery of energy plays a major role in improving the quality of people’s lives. Seventh, the global oil & gas industry is made up of many optimists who are very adept and innovative at managing complex risk effectively. Eighth, there are so many wonderful, talented, and highly dedicated people who proudly work in the oil & gas industry. Many of these individuals have become my good friends.

Jul-Sep 2016 Issue

Baker Hughes