R&C: Could you provide an insight into the current fraud trends facing consumers? How have the risk dynamics evolved in recent years?

Parfitt: Levels of fraud and cyber attacks continue to increase year-on-year, although the typologies and levels of activity tend to wax and wane as businesses, regulators and the industry at large play a cat-and-mouse game with criminals and organised crime. According to UK Finance, in 2018 “the advanced security systems and innovations in which the finance industry invests to protect customers stopped more than £1.6bn of unauthorised fraud. But despite this, criminals successfully stole £1.2bn through fraud and scams.” In the UK, we have seen a big increase in ‘Authorised Push Payment’ (APP) scams, which were up 93 percent for 2018 compared to 2017. Card not Present (CNP) and remote purchase and Card ID Theft accounted for the biggest increases since 2017: 47 percent and 119 percent respectively. Interestingly, we are seeing a lot of PPI-related information in our data, which suggests that criminals are either targeting PPI firms, or PPI firms that are no longer active have been selling their customers’ data either knowingly or unknowingly to criminals.

Jul-Sep 2019 Issue

Acuris Risk Intelligence